Friday, March 4, 2016

First day on medical team

This morning we went to the Cap Haitian/Madlin Lutheran clinic, school and church campus.

Kris gave a short talk on several subjects in the Konsey books for the people waiting for clinic to start.

During clinic Anna helped translate for the pharmacy and lab.

Cory visited the farm property that has chickens as a business project to help the church and school, and is growing local crops, corn for the chickens, and moringa to increase nutrition in the school lunches. Some fruit trees that Cory donated past years look healthy and are growing with the recent rains.

In the afternoon Cory visited the Helping Haitian Angels orphanage to plan fruit tree planting. It is 15 miles further east so this was a good chance to visit while nearby. The climate is dry, more like LaGonave than where we live so mango, avocado and egg fruit should do very well.

Close to 100 patients were seen at clinic - sick people and the school teachers.

Internet is fast here but photos don't want to load, will try tomorrow.

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