Friday, March 11, 2016

Back Home

Our week of medical clinics with the Holy Cross team from the Canton Ohio Lutheran church went well.

We saw close to 80 patients per day during the three clinics this week...each 1-3 hours away so the travel time limited the number of people we could see.

The first day we traveled to St. Raphael in the rain or drizzle...but once we arrived the weather cleared a bit giving us a cool breeze and clouds for shade but no rain to dampen the spirits of the patients waiting outside.

Mountain water fall
Each of the 3 clinic days were set up in the church sanctuaries.

Five stations-two doctors and two nurses seeing patients, a location to test near vision and provide reading glasses, as well as the pharmacy area.

We would see patients and then for lunch a few at a time would go to a smaller room around noon.

The US team brings in packages of tuna, chicken, crackers, granola bars, nuts and peanut butter while water, pop, and bread is bought in Haiti.

We would work until about 4 and then head out...earlier for the furthest location and later for the nearer one.

Our oldest patient this year claimed to be 103 while our youngest was a one month old [or the 7 week old baby born two months early and therefore not yet at her due date!]

Most people had the same types of problems: high blood pressure, acid reflux, joint/muscle pain, fungal skin infections, stomach pains, mother's who don't think their children eat enough, and colds.

I started most days addressing the waiting crowd while the others got the stations and pharmacy set up.

When we were ready Cory would take over the talk, covering issues like: following at one clinic, taking your medications regularly for high blood pressures; controlling stress; home remedies for itchy eyes, skin issues, heartburn; massage; normal vaginal discharge, a healthy diet and nutritional information, zika virus.....

During meals and travel we enjoyed getting to know the team better and fellowshipping.

Eli was missed by all those who met him on previous trips. The cooler weather was comfortable as were the hot showers.

Today we did laundry, some yard work, school work, and office stuff.

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