Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Change or not to change...

Different noises on campus this week. 

Yesterday and today some of the students tested while others started Easter break.

The last couple of days I’ve worked on office work, a newsletter, and some spring organizing in addition to helping Anna with school.

Cory visited three of the gardens today. Gene and Yvon planted cassava and picked several different types of sweet potatoes. while Cory checked and also did some planting in the gardens 

The birds are eating some rice and the rats apparently like the newly planted corn seeds and the sweet potatoes. The trees continue to do well.

Anna continues to work on school and volleyball.

One of the perks of helping the Holy Cross medical team is that they share medications and supplies at the end of the week. 

Here is Dr. Winkic with a couple of boxes of supplies. 

When you run a clinic on a shoe-string budget donations help a lot.

In Haiti the current government gets to decide if Haiti participates in daylight savings time.

This year we actually had a couple days notice! Generally folks just find out at church and then it takes a while for people without children in school to adjust.

Sunday church appeared normal but more people than normal arrived early to Monday morning’s prayer meeting. 

At the end I heard one lady remark how they’d finished at 7 but it was only 6. 

Apparently not everyone heard that Haiti’s interim president decided not to ‘spring forward’ and they didn’t realize that their phones may have changed to the wrong time.

Today’s surprise came when Anna went to light the oven for the pizza, 3 loaves of bread and a braided loaf. 

It wouldn’t work. So one loaf of bread was fried in oil. The other two took hours to cook on the stove top, and the pizza cooked in an iron skillet. 

Cory will see if a part can be found in Cap Haitian. Anna loved the fried bread!

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