Saturday, March 19, 2016

Busy Friday.

Friday started with chasing and finally succeeding in catching a calf before breakfast, who for several days had come onto campus to eat and step on plants, even up by our house, garden, and the plant nursery.

Then as we started school and office work the campus started to fill up with vehicles arriving for a meeting of the district pastors.

Laundry hung on the line to dry.

The bucket of fresh fish that spent the night in our electric refrigerator was collected to be cooked up for those attending the meeting.

Pastor Rigo stopped in to greet us and we shared with him some Leadership magazines, for the pastors who want to practice reading English.

Soon one of the men who works in the yard came by to ask for a blender to make some natural fruit juice for the pastors. Cory collected mango budwood for grafting.

Compassion International had a program on campus, needed to use the projector.

We delayed lunch waiting for another missionary who planned to visit for a bit with some of his family and staff to see the gardens, pick up the mango bud wood, and purchase a couple boxes of Konsey II books.

When they arrived after a longer drive than anticipated, Cory started the tour. About an hour later as the visit was winding up the call came for him to join the pastors to talk about distribution of the Konsey books.

I made sure that our visitors were sent off with drinks of cool water, cookies, and a bathroom break.

Anna finished up school and headed down to play some volleyball.

A bit later an angry young man came to 'talk' about a mother goat Cory found loose on campus and locked up in the shed. This talk didn't end well since there have been problems with his goats on the campus many times already and many warnings given.

A while later he returned and as I attempted to call one of our friends to come and facilitate the 'discussion' John Pierre arrived. By the end of a long talk and some stories-the young man, his mom, and another gentleman were also involved and an understanding reached.

This is not the first time this family's un-tended animals wander on campus and into the gardens.

The calf owner negotiated with Gener and Yvon while Cory was on the tour, he hasn't heard whether the owner paid a fine for the repeat negligence, or if the calf was turned over to the local livestock official.

During our late supper, Dr. Winic returned the small generator we loaned for two Compassion school mobil clinics that didn't have electric (the hospital's generator is being repaired).

We ended the eventful day with family film night.

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