Monday, February 1, 2016

Youth Service

Yesterday we sat outside church and enjoyed the young people’s special church service that finished up a week of revival services. 

The church decorations of palm leaves, paper streamers and flowers brightened up the area and every one dressed up for the occasion. 

We not only sat outside because the church was very crowded but because the music, while good, was very loud.

The normal service contained some special music and a special guest speaker who’s sermon condensed into the equation "Read + meditate + apply [the Word] = success".

After the sermon the second part of the service started with 4-5 groups singing special music and then a special offering. 

Generally they let folks know what the offering will be used for but not this time. 

We think it will go into the general fund for youth activities.

This week could be critical in keeping Haiti calm throughout the presidential transition...please continue to pray for peace.

A small reflection:

Without a war on caterpillars there would be no hope for crocus and amaryllis flowers in the weeks to come (our crocus bloom after good rain any time of year).

So a few times a day, I began to hunt for the black, insecticide resistant, eating machines on my lilies by the walk.

In a few days I found no more...battle one done!

Then they returned and battle two started...and just when I thought I had won again, Cory pointed out a lily not along the path but standing alone amongst other flowers being consumed by caterpillars.

Once again I attacked and this time looked around for the other lilies near the stairs and front table...the battle front covered more locations than I had originally thought.

Isn’t that like life?

 We focus on one problem area or attitude and just when we’re feeling good about controlling the consuming bad ‘bugs’ in our life the Lord points out another area, or two or three that need work!

Thankfully He fights with us and for us.

He will give us strength and wisdom and help in the battle if we ask. 

And if we remain faithful, someday the flowers will bloom.

[Since I wrote this blog in the morning. This afternoon,  I weeded some by Cory's plant/tree nursery only to find on a clump of huge, waist-high spider lilies a whole new group of caterpillars. I will not be able to reach most of these therefore they win at this site...sigh.]

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