Friday, February 5, 2016

Carnaval + politics = need for prayer

The sun shines brightly as the birds sing in the trees, otherwise campus remains quieter than normal for a Friday morning, and very quiet compared to lots of yelling down at school yesterday.

Yesterday the results of class elections became known with much yelling, singing, and laughter. No school today due to carnival weekend.

Normally the church young people who could afford it or who received a scholarship would join other young people from district churches and spend the weekend at a spiritual retreat.

This year due to the uncertainty of the political situation the leadership decided to cancel the retreats, so that the young people would be safe at home with their families should trouble break out.

Carnaval generally comes with its own type of trouble, rough drunken people who tend to get into fights and vandalism. Add angry political protesters into the mix, especially in major towns and without the Lord's intervention there's bound to be trouble.

We do our best to not travel from the Thursday before carnival weekend through Ash Wednesday every year due to the potential trouble. Same holds true for this year.

According to some long time missionaries these 4 basic options are being talked about...

1. Clean slate involving a long transition going up to the revision of the Constitution.
2. Maintaining the government in function, in order to assume the executive and complete the CEP to continue the electoral process;
3. The transmission of power to the President of the National Assembly.
4. The recourse to tradition by entrusting the provisional presidency to the President of the Court of Cassation.

Please pray for peace. Pray for revival. Pray for a working government who puts the needs of people first. Pray for direction. Pray for the families and children. Pray for the Lord's children living and working in Haiti.  Merci.

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