Saturday, January 30, 2016

Update/ Prayer requests

Saturday afternoon. Anna and Cory divide their time between video and computer games.

I'm either reading a book or on the computer.

This week the big garden received pigeon peas, squash, papaya, and okra between the trees, on the grassy former pasture land.

The rehab garden dirt continues to impress Cory with its lack of fertility.

They plant perennial peanut ground cover along with some other trees.

Cory also planted some old vegetable seeds he had in storage, doubtful many will still grow but we will see.

Eli spent most of the week with family, enjoying a break between his January Interim class and the start of Spring semester on Monday.

Anna played volleyball on Wednesday and then practiced since then. We re thankful for the healing of her ankle.

She continues to work hard on her school work.

Office work, thank you notes, school paperwork, read some medical journals for my continuing education.

This week our young people held revival services each night and will have a special praise service and offering on Sunday morning.

Mme. Fanny, who normally cooks for us twice a week is facing a serious medical issue. Please pray.

With the delayed presidential elections last week the political turmoil and protests continue to stir up the country.

Please pray for a peaceful answer for the upcoming presidential transition.

Many of our Global Partner teammates in Haiti recently suffered from what is presumed to be the new Zika virus.

 Please be in prayer, especially for the pregnant ladies and their babies in Haiti.

[Dad, this last picture is for you. Not only did many of the spectators sit on benches you made, the score board was one as well!]

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