Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Ash Wednesday-

President Martelly stepped down from power and Haiti seems to be peaceful for now.

We have not heard of any big problems with Carnival this year.

We had a quiet week, thankfully with no travel.

Kris appears to have Zika and Anna has recovered from whatever virus infected the two of them.

Last Sunday Pastor Jonas asked Kris to talk about Zika this coming Sunday.

Cory, Gener and Yvon are doing some campus clean-up and tree pruning.

Yesterday three large screw-pine were moved from our front yard to the guest house area, to add to the living fence and landscaping.

Also Yvon's small garden was planted with 10 new fruit trees.

It is close to campus so a few of the over-size fruit trees in the nursery were used.

Nice rains the last few nights so gardens doing well.

Last week Cory made a second trip to Cap Haitian with a load of Kids Konsey books for the schools.

Many of the schools had underestimated the number of books they needed, and a few did not receive books from the first load.
City Chauvel Wesleyan School

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