Friday, February 12, 2016


I'm sure if you asked many people what helpful traits would be at the top of a list for missionary life, or over-seas life, many folks will suggest flexibility...along with a huge sense of humor.

We ended last week with Anna presumably recovering from Zika and I soon joined her in experiencing many of the same symptoms. We both feel better but remain easily tired.

Then our area received over 7 inches of rain Wed-Thursday. Sadly many folks who set up their wares for the big market day on Wednesday lost their things.

Due to erosion in the past eating away at the higher ground area of the market, more and more people have been forced to set up shop down in the lower river bed area.

Due to rapid, heavy rains on Wednesday causing a very rapid rising of the river, grain and rice, vegetables, food, and household items were swept away before people could pack them up and move to higher ground.

Most people just put down a cloth or sack and then make small piles of of foods for sale, while others place items on a small shelf under a bit of a roof for shelter.

Thankfully we did not hear of any lives being lost.

Thursday afternoon we learned that our meeting on Monday at the Ortlip Center would be moving to Saturday afternoon, Sunday afternoon and Monday morning and be on LaGonave.

So arrangements needed to be made for travel, someone to cover Kris's Zika talk at church, watching the house, and getting things done to leave.

Lord willing, we plan to be back home in Fauche by Monday night.

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