Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Any day hanging out with family is a good day.

We enjoyed a great day.

This morning Dad and Cory headed out to plant a third small rental garden putting in 22 peach palms, a couple egg fruit, a jackfruit and black spate.

A couple star fruit trees had already been planted by the owners.

 I worked on cleaning up my computer's in-box; the kids wrapped gifts, we talked about our baking plan for Christmas, and I figured out how to buy some music on line-finally using up some gift cards.

Cory was also able to help the local electrician figure out the wiring for Compassion International office's new solar system.

This afternoon we talked about a plan for a goat house/hut where a couple of goats could be protected from the rain.

Dad also checked out the guest house.

Anna needed a reminder today about library as she was reading a very interesting book, suggested by her brother.

I made some 'apple crisp' for supper using jujube fruit, as we came close to finishing off the peanut pie that Eli requested.

Latest peach palm fruit harvest
Cory made jelly from soursop fruit after I processed the fruit for him.

While F remains at the crèche we did get our every-other-month report today.

He continues to do very well in school.

He helps the other kids at school and enjoys crafts and music.

We will enjoy more family time tonight.

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