Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas Sunday

Sunday morning we visited the church on Fauche campus.

We soon learned that a special 'promise' ceremony would be occurring for a new scout group.

Several of the other groups came for the ceremony as well as many children not in the scouts.

After church the scouts lined up for a parade up and down the campus and then down the road.

Lots of rain last night cooled things off.

The school children will be on vacation the next couple weeks and workers will attempt to put a new solar system in place to provide power for the school buildings.

Dad trimmed my flowers and bushes by the sidewalk this morning.

Mom, the kids and I worked on our Christmas decorations.

Cory worked with the guys and then talked to some employees from Faith in Action, sharing, banana plants, seeds and fruits.

Many folks also worked on figuring out the wiring of one set of Christmas lights...they will no longer play music but hope is they will light again.

The missing bag did make it to Cap Haitian, sent the receipt to Cap Haitian and hope to have the bag here by tonight.

Tomorrow Compassion children will celebrate on campus, so the Kid's Club party will now be on Friday.

Anna will be in a trio singing in French, and will sing next week for the birthday party for seniors in English.

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