Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve Guest Post. Kris's Mom

     This is a combination blog..Kris suggested that I write the blog yesterday, but I didn't get the job done.

So..yesterday..we made our first batches of Christmas cookies, did some wash, read Robinson Crusoe (Anna's school work) and Larry and Eli made some blocks to raise Anna's bed up several inches and also cut the large white boot box in half and made it two smaller ones.

The bed was raised because totes are often stored under it and they were difficult to put under and take out.

The boot box was very large (was originally made for the porch of the Thede's home on LaGonave) and hard to move in the bedrooms here.

Two smaller ones will be must easier to use.

Cory and his workers planted the big peach palm garden with banana pups [baby banana plants].

     TODAY..we have been in the kitchen cooking most of the day.

Christmas cookies were cut out and then painted with frosting.

I think we did more than 6 dozen cookies and also made some chocolate bark.

Then plates were filled with the cookies, candy and also caramel corn (Cory and Eli made it) to share with all the people who live here on campus.

 THEN we began to prepare for our annual Christmas fondue.

Here we have beef, pepper, onion, militon for shishabobs with our fondue instead of having an oil pot.

We have a cheese juice, swiss and cheddar cheese..for bread, broccoli and maybe some militon [chayote in the USA] and finally we will finish with a chocolate fondue..pineapple, star fruit, caramel corn and pecans (and probably more!)

Larry painted on the boot box and helped with cutting and dishes.

A busy day..but one that really reminds me of family Christmas.

     So even if it is very warm and green outside, we hear the Christmas carols, read the Christmas message and again think of God's love gift that first Christmas so long ago.

The message is the same for all and His Love Gift universal.  Kris just read about someone who is celebrating Christmas in Tanzana..where it is so hot there Christmas cookies melt!

But still it is Christmas!

So for all of you, however you are celebrating our Christmas wish and prayers are that you truly sense that God is with us all.  [Some issues with pictures. Will try later to show you the completed cookies.

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