Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Outside remains sunny and still while the sounds of school drift up from the lower part of campus.  In our house, Anna and Sarah study as well.

I will work on some French after I post this blog.

Cory and Wes headed to Limbeè to the bank early this morning. Cory sent in some paperwork to the bank yesterday and hopes to pick up the check we need to renew our residential visas today.

When we receive the check, we will be able to send our paperwork to Port-au-Prince for renewal.

Last Wednesday when Cory and the Munsell family visited the Port Margot market, they reported lots of items for sell at normal prices.

Apparently, that occurred because the merchants had traveled to the Dominican Republic right before the October 1st restrictions for importing 23 different items went into effect.

This week the prices on the items jumped significantly as they become more scarce. Reports of people being robbed are also increasing.  Please pray.

With the northern district pastor's meeting on campus on Friday, the Munsells shared the guest house and met some of the pastors.

We enjoyed church service at Fauche on Sunday with many small children attending.

On Sunday afternoon, Cory took our guests on a garden tour, so even on the weekend their learning continued.

We celebrated Cory yesterday with some good food and fellowship. First time for peanut pie for the newbies.

Also Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to our northern friends!

In our house this means that Christmas music can now be enjoyed!!

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