Friday, October 16, 2015

Our family living apart.

Living while both our sons are not under the same roof means adjustment for the rest of us.

Throughout the day, I sometimes look at the clock and can know if Eli or F are supposed to be in class or likely eating a meal but other times I just wonder what each may be doing.

What are they talking about? What did they learn today? What concerns make them tense up? Did they laugh or cry today? Did they enjoy time with friends or sit alone questioning life?

I do not feel the same way about them. We enjoyed our 18 years with Eli and now delight in a different relationship with our young college man.

We hear about the growth in so many areas of his life as he matures and finds his way in the college life.

We smile at his stories of those 'weird' folks that he runs into during his day. We look forward to being asked for advice or finding small ways to help from a distance.

At the same time, we watch from a distance F's life and how he is also growing and changing.

Yearning for the day when he can know us as his family and start to add many days of memories to the 11 days that we now cherish.

Occasionally folks send us pictures of Eli or F, what a blessing to see each of their faces. [Or we see on a blog or FB]

Good news about our boys came on the same day this week. Eli and my folks do have tickets to come for a visit at Christmas. Two months and three days until they plan to arrive!! Yes, I am counting down.

Lord willing we will get to spend part of a day with F in only eight days!

Very thankful that God holds every member of our family in His hands. He can be with each of us at the same time, in different locations and even in different countries. He loves each of us. He has a plan for each, a good plan.

We may long to be together in one location and worship Him as a complete family. We do NOT need to ever be apart for the Lord. He can be reached by a simple thought, any time, any place.

Thank you Lord for being with our boys. Thank you for being with us. Thank you for making us a family. Thank you for making us part of Your family.

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