Saturday, October 10, 2015


Saturday already and I apologize for not blogging sooner.
Coco trees damaged but recovering from drought.

One great reason could be that I generally blog in the afternoon or evening and the last two night's major thunderstorms dumped greatly needed rain on Fauche causing us to unplug our electronics as protection from potential electrical damage from lightning.

Or I just need to get back into the routine of writing about our days, so sorry.

We enjoyed getting to know the Munsells better this week and congratulate them on completing their first 15 hours of Creole classes with Met. Alert. 

The last few years Met. Alert taught Eli, Anna and I French. Anna plans to continue with two hours a week with him but we feel that I will hold her back. So next week I will restart with Rosetta Stone and if needed in time add tutoring. 
Field along Cory's walk.

Cory remained busy this week with office work but with the rains I assume that next week will be ready to get busy with the trees and plants.

Part of the office work included planning for his short trip to Florida in early November to participate in the Brooksville Wesleyan Church's Missions Conference.

We approved the new cover for the children's Konsey book and received another order for the agricultural Konsey books for farmers in Ti Goave, on Haiti's Southern peninsula.

Anna and I worked on school. Eli did well with a very busy week of studies. But please pray that he finds his engineering book that went missing this week. Thank you.

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