Thursday, September 24, 2015

House flip and stuff....

The week continues to speed by filled with: packing, organizing, jerky making, school work, book editing, an e-mail update, and a couple of meetings.
Eli will spend his first weekend away from college this weekend, as we plan to pick him up tomorrow afternoon.

If you do not get e-mail updates or prayer requests from us [one sent today, as well as an email sent to recorded prayer partners this week] and would like to please let us know!

Some photos from the house Habitat for Missions and Daybreak church plan to renovate and sell to support!!

 A wonderful bit of news, we learned last week.

We enjoyed meeting a few of the team and look forward to getting regular updates about the project, so we can pray specifically.

We plan to enjoy the weekend with Eli. Continue to organize our space and then visit Marshall Wesleyan on Sunday.

Last week, we enjoyed a visit to Faith Community Wesleyan.

In addition to connecting with the folks at the church again I introduced Cory and Anna to one of my freshman college roommates, and enjoyed meeting her husband and son.

Starting to weigh the checked luggage as the packing continues.

If we repeat our normal pattern, a few items will be removed from the bags next week to make room for more important items!

With less than one week before we return to Haiti, we are starting to feel the good-byes and enjoy a few last meals of foods we cannot get in Haiti.

School work is starting to get pushed aside as well with more 'important' events to take time for like: visiting family, watching TV, and last-minute shopping.

Please pray for us this weekend and next week, as the mixed feelings that always accompanies switching countries continue to build.

We continue to wait to hear if the updating of our truck paperwork is done.

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