Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Ready to go...

Packing 98% done. Cleaning about the same amount. My brother's family will come for supper to visit with us. Good-byes to Cory's family done, as well as several members of our home church.

The completed Konsey book for children price quote came this week, and so we plan to place an order for 15,000 books.

Tomorrow we need to be at the Grand Rapids airport by 4 a.m. We will have short layovers in Chicago and Miami before heading to Haiti. Lord willing we should be back home in Fauche by supper time.

Second only to unpacking, will be rapidly preparing the guest house for one of the Global Partner's families joining our Haiti team as they will be flying to Northern Haiti this weekend to start their Creole language training.

Sunday will be our first time since June 7th, 17 weeks ago, to visit the same church twice.

I know we will be thinking of our home church, Allegan Wesleyan  church that will be having their last service before closing their doors.

Seven generations of my family attended Allegan Wesleyan, since the first day it started back on March 19, 1870.

Please be in prayer for the members as they mourn and look for new locations to worship.

Other prayer requests include: Eli at Calvin, travel to Haiti, Haiti team meeting tomorrow, adoption process, F, transition back to Haiti, Anna's school year,  Daybreak house flip, Haiti's presidential election on Oct. 25, tensions between Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

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Bethany Weathersby said...

Seven generations. Wow! That's a long time!