Saturday, September 19, 2015

Anna's exciting day.

We enjoyed celebrating my Dad's birthday and folks anniversary at the local Allegan County Fair on Tuesday night: seeing the exhibits, enjoying some fair food like elephant ears, listening to local talent show semi-finalists, and a bit of rodeo.

Wednesday night we enjoyed some time with one of our nieces after filling the day with packing, shopping, school and more.

Anna used some frozen venison to make jerky to bring back to Haiti.

Thursday we went to visit Cory's folks and do a bit of yard work.

We contacted Eli to see if he would be free for lunch and then we all enjoyed a Chinese buffet before seeing a bit of Calvin's campus when we dropped Eli back off.

He continues to do well with his adjustment.

Yesterday we worked on paperwork and packing. We had checked on our flights for September 30th mid-week and could not find our third flight, into Cap Haitian.

On Friday our travel agent responded to our e-mail confirming that the flight had been canceled and he had not been informed.

So now we plan to fly to Haiti on October 1st. Lord willing we will make the whole trip from my folks to home in one day. Three bags packed so far.

Last night we hosted our niece and a friend who attended a concert at the fair. Giggles kept us up past our bed time and Anna getting up early to go dear hunting with my dad woke us up early.

With our return to Haiti before the November deer season Anna's only chance to hunt this year was with the Michigan Youth Hunt.

With the cutting of trees and shrinking woods in the area my folks do not see near as many deer as they did even a a year ago and only rarely this summer.

But in less than 10 minutes this morning, with just enough light to see horns Anna shot a big 9-point buck.

She used the gun that Eli received the day he shot his buck 5 years ago.

After processing we put 80 pounds of meat in the freezer. We will enjoy some venison before we leave and make more jerky next week.

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Chris and Kath Sloan said...

Woah Anna! You go girl! :) sounds like some fun and busy days. Continuing to pray for Eli and your last few weeks here.