Friday, June 26, 2015

USA Week Two.

What does our second week in the USA look like??

  • Monday: Laundry. Organization. Some down time.
  • Tuesday: Shopping for clothes [one of us out-grew most of her clothes], food and stuff, oral surgeon appointment, 'lupper' about 2 p.m. at a Chinese Buffet, and then more food shopping.
  • Wednesday: Cory and I did our psychological consultation required for our return to Haiti  another term. Eli needed a vaccination for college.
  • Thursday: One of 4 dental appointments.
  • Friday: First library visit. Dental appointments: 2 and 3. Plan to visit with two couples that support us. 
  • Saturday: I'll attend my second baby shower. Prepare for Sunday.
  • Sunday: Will visit Kentwood Community Church. Hope to pick up more prayer partners. Then we will head north to the Thede cottage for a family get-together.
Each weekday also includes some sorting or organization of paperwork, clothes or previously stored items. 

Eli continues to work on his driving hours, he will take his second driver's education classes in August. 

Anna worked on cleaning grandpa's truck this week and organizing her room.

I'm working my way through close to 2 years of medical journals and mail.

We also continue to work on our support list, lining up visits and working on our partnership development check-list so we can return to Haiti. 

Enjoying fruits, vegetables, and other foods we cannot enjoy in Haiti. Also some 'educational' T.V. but finding most of the commercials very strange or odd.

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