Monday, June 22, 2015

Back in Michigan

Sorry for the silence and for lack of pictures. Unfortunately, when we rapidly packed after church last Sunday we neglected to pack the camera.

Last week we joined two levels of Global Partner Wesleyan missionaries for training on the Indiana Wesleyan University campus.  25 team members, including Cory and I,  received partnership development training while 17 completed the second week of their Missionary Training Institute as they prepare to head out for their first term of service.

Eli and Anna joined six other missionary teens for fun and education. They enjoyed a day at King's Island. They also helped with the children and had the most fun when they roll-played being staff helping the children obtain passports, go through airport security, pass medical testing, exchange money, and were creative making the processes a challenge.

They reviewed saying good-byes well, personality types, practiced fund raising, and cultural training.

We enjoyed devotional times, reviewed our missionary handbook, financial stuff, team building, and got to know more team mates who serve around the world as well as our 4 new couples heading to Haiti and Kate, the missionary kid teacher from LaGonave, who plans to return in the fall.

On Saturday we visited over breakfast with a friend who made it possible to share the Konsey II books, with all the missionary organizations being served by MFI and Agape mail service, before heading back to Allegan.

On our return we joined my folks and brother's family at Allegan's Western Days-helping a bit with a clothing distribution and watching a bit of bull riding before returning to the house.

Sunday we worshiped at my brother's church and I provided a short update about our ministry. It has been many years since we were able to celebrate Father's Day with my Dad and family.

Next week we will be celebrating Haitian Father's Day with Cory's family.

This week we will organize our papers, make some to-do and shopping lists, go to appointments, sort mail, and start to catch up with family and friends.

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