Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Retreat update and apology.

Sorry for the silence. I'll try to do better now, but the next three weeks may prove to be as crazy busy as the last three.

May 5 - our referral papers were signed, but we did not know until May 6th.

May 9-18 Our socialization visit and Becca joined us on May 14.

May 18-our second interview with the social worker, returned home.

May 19-20 Adoption paperwork, paperwork for missionary retreat, laundry/packing and school.

May 21-25 Missionary retreat: Morning meetings, afternoons with fellowship, and some meetings.

Exciting to meet the four new families, now in team development and all planing and working to move to Haiti.

Some will be moving this summer or fall.

Days started and ended with team worship!

 I also started to set up some of our needed USA appointments: eye doctor, dentist, oral surgeon...

Lots of good food, fun, but I didn't sleep well at all-fell asleep great but awake at 1:30-3 a.m. and too few naps!

May 26th Embassy visit. We dropped Konsey II books off at a Christian book store, Cory bought some garden tools, and then the five-hour trip back home.

Last night, I slept sound for nine hours! And I am still looking forward to a nap.

Our USA trip countdown now stands at only 15 days!

The to-do list includes major items like:

  • finish school year
  • a Haitian graduation party for Eli
  •  organizing house/staff for us to be gone
  •  packing for the USA
  •  getting needed appointments/church visits lined up
  •  hosting a team for our last four days in Haiti
  •  adoption paperwork
  •  updates and correspondence
  •  good-byes, especially for Eli...

Thank you for your prayers and support.

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