Friday, May 29, 2015

Paperwork Warning!

Busy secretarial days with a few breaks for hanging laundry.

Or talking to people at the door or on the phone.

At missionary retreat, some  of the paperwork fell under the category of art and fun!

But current paperwork falls under necessary and can be divided into some major categories:

  • Adoption
  • Starting a new term of service with Global Partners
  • Eli graduation and starting Calvin
  • Correspondence with supporters
  • Setting up appointments and church services for our time in the USA
  • Getting ready for one last team before our USA trip 
  • Preparing to leave
  • Connecting with the Haiti missionary team
  • Packing list
  • Shopping list
  • To-do list
This Sunday we will enjoy Fauche's special Sunday of the year 'Harvest Festival' where they invite lots of other churches to join them for a special service with a special offering, which for this year will be going toward the new church roof.

On Wednesday we plan to host a party in the afternoon for our Haitian family and friends to celebrate Eli's high school graduation. While we did not plan much beyond sharing some food, the three ladies who cook for our teams let us know they will be singing and presenting a bit on Psalm 91.

Now I learn that there will be two locations-the program in the church [with at least 6 groups/representatives talking] and then the meal.

Should be interesting since most of the planning has been taken out of our hands and the party keeps changing in unexpected ways. Praying everyone has fun and no one gets offended by anything we did or didn't do.

Eli and Anna continue to wrap up a few loose ends of their school year and both continue to work hard on their math classes.

With the laundry now completed from our trips the preparations will turn to starting a list of items to pack for the USA. Only two weeks left!

Been waiting for some translation work on adoption home-study update only to learn yesterday that our translator experienced a computer crash.

So she should be getting our papers done this weekend.

Very thankful for Cory's help with the paperwork as we attempt to divide and conquer. Without his editing and the computer spell check I'd be in trouble. 

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