Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Busy, busy, busy..

Writing this from the comfort of my own living room, as we returned from our unexpected but greatly anticipated trip last week.

We received our adoption referral late Thursday afternoon, made plans on Friday afternoon for our socialization trip and left for the trip on Saturday.

Praising the Lord! , our adoption blog about the referral.

We enjoyed the week at the other mission.

Activities included: playing with F's foster family and the children who live with them; helping to educate the hostess responsible for  visitors about life in Haiti; Eli and Anna connected with the other missionary children; Cory worked a bit on book editing; I spoke to a pre-natal class of moms as well as a class of young people about their health.

We traveled to Cap Haitian once for paperwork and a second time to pick up Becca.

Becca, on the Global Partners member care team, specializes and focuses on the children of missionaries, MK's.

The mission we were visiting contains 15 MK's at this time. On Thursday, we will head down for missionary retreat and the Haiti team kids attending the retreat this year should number 16, if Becca counted correctly.

Today we finished unpacking, did laundry, will start repacking, worked on paperwork and office work. Cory checked the gardens with the gardeners and did some planting. Will be more of the same tomorrow as we plan to leave on Thursday morning.

Now with our socialization visit completed we can continue to work on getting needed appointments set up for our time in the USA.

Only 23 days remain before we fly to the USA.

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