Monday, June 1, 2015

Baptism on Mother's Day.

June 1st means only eight days before a team comes and 11 before we head for the USA.

Yesterday we enjoyed a great morning of church family activities, starting with a singing walk to and from the river to see eight young people and one older woman get baptized.

With heavy rains the last few nights and increasing cholera cases we wondered if the baptism would take place, but it did.

Pastor Jonas finished the time with a passionate plea to those watching to accept the Lord if they had not yet done so.

We walked home to change shoes and get our chairs, then returning to Sunday school and church.

The church service did mention Haitian Mother's Day, but the main focus was on thanking God and a special offering for the new church roof.

Per tradition after the normal service, the praise and worship continued with additional special music and the special offering.

We rested up in the afternoon and enjoyed family time.

Saturday morning everyone sorted clothes and Eli packed up some additional items for storage and to return to the USA.

With a day trip planned for next Monday and the team coming on Tuesday afternoon, we realize that we really only have this week to finish up school and packing. Eli's celebration is planned for Wed. afternoon.

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