Friday, April 3, 2015

First planting of the rehab garden.

After three rainy days Cory and the guys headed out to the rehab garden to plant some trees.

Kids and I focused on school and office work.

Summers for us tend to be dry and additional big rains may be scarce from now on but Cory decided to take a chance on the weather and plant some trees and ground cover.

The guys could water some of the trees this summer if we do not receive any rain.

The planted items consist of trees that over grew their pots, not pretty/straight enough to sell or types that we have plenty of and if they die can be easily replaced in the fall.

Ground cover was planted over all the land.

Items planted include: peach palm, egg fruit, Malay apple, sapodilla, carambola [star fruit], jack fruit, bilimbi, black sapote, perennial peanut ground cover, and chaya.

Planted in the badly eroded area: acacia mangium, cassia tree, tropical kudzu, sacha inchi/peruvian peanut, perennial peanut ground cover, chaya.

My perennial peanut ground cover in the flower garden by the house looks very good and continues to grow, covering more of the bare dirt.

 I continue to fight the aggressive blue flowers, who are trying to make a come back.

Today we will work on some school, clean and prepare for Cory's sister's family [5 of the 7] and attend service this afternoon.

Tomorrow the family comes!
The perennial peanut ground cover flower

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