Monday, March 30, 2015

A rainy Monday.

A rainy Monday afternoon finds us: Cory working on a personality test that needs to go back to Global Partners so that we can return for a new term; Eli working on school and college stuff; Anna singing to zippy praise music while doing school work; and I'm here.

Very thankful for the rain as the area's land needed it. Cory just mentioned yesterday that the recently planted local peanut crop may be in danger of being eaten by bugs before they could sprout if we didn't get rain soon.

A quiet weekend at home included some computer game time between Cory and Eli as well as some video watching Anna wanted to do. I finished my rag rug.

We continue to pray and wait for our referral call. Thankful for many of you letting us know that you continue to pray with us!

Jean Pierre is working on getting some cases of the Konsey II books to churches for distribution of 1 per family.

This week we will focus on school and getting ready for next week's spring break visit from part of Cory's sister's family! They should arrive on Saturday, so will celebrate Easter along with spring break. Only a week so lots to do.

Eli continues to clean out and sort boxes from his room. He finds a bit of time for Legos, always good for the mind.

Today we spent our French class focusing on two French songs that deal with Easter themes.

After we sang each we then worked to translate them into English and then we sang them over in French.

Our professor plays keyboard for the big Port Margot Church and part of the class felt more like voice lessons than French.

His goal is to get us to do special music in front of church. Ha! Really do not see that happening.

But nice to know what the words mean when singing to the Lord.


Chris and Kath Sloan said...

Cool rug!! I'd love to learn how you did that. Hope the preparations for visitors are going well.

SherryinMI said...

I saw Eli's picture in the new Sonlight catalog!