Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Sunday


Today Aunt Kris bestowed the honor of "blogging" to me (Lyric), and so I'm pretty excited to make an update. :)

Today, our family got up and made our way to a Sunrise Service at Cowman, the international school which is around an hour drive.

Introduction to Kid's Club
 I honestly LOVED the ride through the early morning.

 The sight was beautiful as the moon was still shining and it felt like the stars were saying, "hello!"

We arrived in time to witness the service as the sun lit the sky.

 It was amazing to meet some of the other missionaries who are serving the Lord in Haiti.  
 Afterward, we returned and  jumped into the service at Fauche Wesleyan.

We joined in on joyous worship, with lots of singing!

Everybody's voices seem to fit effortlessly together in a beautiful harmony!

After we ate a nice Easter lunch, we took a nap...:) Ahhhhh.... sleep!

Then, we got to go introduce ourselves to the kids as KidsClub.

We attempted to teach the "American version" of "Father Abraham."

Then the kids went up and completely outdid us with their singing and motions!

 It was fun to be a part of.
Eggs and blogging.

 At the moment, we are enjoying the late afternoon by dying easter eggs!

There are lots of colors going on around here. :D

All of us want to say a big "Thank you" for all of your prayers and support.

We hope you are having a blessed Easter with your loved ones.

How to peal a coconut. 
He is Risen!!!  Lyric

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