Monday, April 6, 2015

Beach and garden tour day.

It has been a lovely Monday in Haiti!

After putting our swimsuits on before breakfast, it immediately began to rain!

We were not sure our plans to go to the beach were going to happen as we ate, but soon after, it cleared to only partial clouds and we headed off for the waves.

What a scenic drive by the ocean to the Chouchou beach!

We swam, walked the beach, and Anna even found a starfish that we all held.

This afternoon, Cory took us for a garden and campus tour.

 Lyric, Gavin and Cole all think the pineapple plants are pretty cute, and the banana plants are popular too.

We all learned a lot about the challenges Cory faces when growing new fruits and trees!

 It really makes us appreciate the work he does.

He pointed out several fruits that we will be trying in the next few days.

We are enjoying these new experiences!

This evening for dinner we tried cocoa bean fruit and guava jam, cupuasu and yesterday we tried Custard Apple fruit.

Eating fresh coconut, tomatoes and other treats is getting us all pretty spoiled.

We just finished devotions and are winding down for the evening.

We are looking forward to visiting the Citadel tomorrow and learning more about the history of Haiti.


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