Tuesday, April 7, 2015


"Citadel Tuesday" exceeded our expectations!

Our day began in a frenzy as those of us staying in the guest house realized we had overslept. (oops!) We had planned to be on the road at 6:30am for the two hour trip to the Citadel.

However, waking up at 6:10am got us started a little later.

Cory bravely drove us there and up the steep incline to the half-way parking area.

(They took it easy on us and didn't make us climb the entire 7 miles!)

God gave us some lovely cloud cover and breeze for the climb and the view was nothing less than breathtaking.

We had tour guides who explained the history of the fortress as we toured it.

Most of us agreed that the view and walking through the dark prison under the Citadel were the favorites.

Everyone really loved the cannons too, along with the huge piles of cannon balls.

The kids were all able to test their strength holding the cannon balls, and they were all pretty impressive.

We were able to see all the way to the ocean from the top.  We all learned a lot about how Haitians gained their independence and the turbulent beginning of their freedom.

Heading down the mountain, I quickly realized that it wasn't much easier than walking up!

We also took an awesome "Anna short cut" that proved Anna is much braver and coordinated than her Aunt Lori, but now I feel like I really climbed down a mountain.

 It was all very exciting!

After the Citadel, we drove to the nearby palace and toured the ruins.

Much of it was destroyed in the 1842 earthquake.  By then it was early afternoon and the sun was shining.

Those of us from Michigan were starting to melt a little and we headed out for lunch.

We ate at La Kay restaurant and enjoyed an ocean view.  It was delicious.

 On our way back, we stopped by a little shop and looked at the Haitian art.

The kids have been out playing with the little kids who are done with school for the afternoon and now we are going to eat a light dinner, including some pineapple that we picked up from a stand on the way home, (I have a feeling it might have a bit more flavor than our Michigan pineapples.) and then devotions together.

 It has been a day full of new experiences!

Guest blogger, Lori =)

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