Wednesday, April 8, 2015

School, market, garden walks.

Hello and Happy Wednesday!!!

The Thede and Bronkema bunch started the day with a tour of the school!

 We were able to tour some classrooms and see what a day in the school would be like for preschoolers and primary grades.

 The school's atmosphere is upbeat and lively.

 Being able to walk through classrooms and offices was a blessing.
    A little while later, we went to market!

We have decided to call it the Meijer version of Haiti.

 They've got any and everything from shoes and oil lamps to produce and dried fish.

Cory bought some peppers and bananas.

I believe we learned a lot about the marketing side of life in Haiti.
On the way back, we stopped at the bakery and got to tour where the bread and cookies are baked.

Personally, one of my favorite treats were the Ti Cherie.

  They are small bits of  deep fried dough and they look like small french fries.

SO GOOD!!!  They are the equivalent of donuts minus all the frosting and sprinkles. ;)

            After a bit, we went on another one of Cory's sweet garden tours.

 In order to reach this garden, we went on a short walk across a river.

 He just started this one a couple months ago.

This hike  felt like an "adventure" through the rainforest!

This day has been full of adventure and sunshine and roosters.

Speaking of roosters, they are still here.

 If you have visited in the past and were worried that the roosters have quieted down or lost their voices, worry no more.

They are very much alive and very well.....We are enjoying learning all of the many wonders of Haiti!

Even the roosters.

Guest blogger, Lyric

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