Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Wednesday with the team by Cathy

Voodoo drums, chanting & clinking of pop bottles all through the night.

Angie, Mike, Peggy & Cathy went with Cory to the Market first thing this morning, Scot stayed and worked on a generator.

Later in the morning was busy with Scot changing a fuel pump on a Pastors vehicle, Mike & Cathy painted steps stools for the hospital rooms, Peggy & Angie finished getting the puppet props ready for VBS.

Lunch was Haitian spaghetti regular spaghetti, fried bananas, banana bread, tomatoes & cookies, coconut candy.

VBS was in Port Margot, had a good time with the kids.

Today's story centered on feeding the crowd with the loaves and fishes, 'The little boy's lunch'.

Supper was good, we had beef pot pie, bread, cole slaw, fruit, & cookies.
(posted by Cathy)
Sunday at the visit to the Pisgah church, Pastor Nicoderm asked the folks to stand up who received or benefited from the first Konsey health book.
We told him that the second book arrived last week and he immediately told us he needed at least 350 books for his church.

With the first book he noted that they gifted one to the local witch doctor and how good it was that it contained Bible verses on some of the pages. 

Pastor came to campus today for a meeting and then his motorcycle taxi driver left with 104 of the Konsey health books and 360 new Konsey II books.

We hope that he made it across the river and through the muddy path back to Pisgah.

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