Thursday, March 12, 2015

Warsaw's last full day.

Today is our final day here.

What an amazing day we have had.

We first went to go to peoples homes near by and prayed for them in there homes.

Wow what simple lives they ask for prayer.

They don’t ask for money or food.

All the ones who we have visited asked for prayers was for their families to meet Christ, for their health, and for themselves to keep closer to God.

Again what a simple life.

 May God bless them abundantly.

We had some rain here so had to come back early.

Then we stayed back at the house and then after lunch we was going to do VBS, but the rain kept us back from going on time.

So we went to the literacy class and met more of the adults that come to the classes.

We was bout an hour or so behind for going to VBS.

 The rain let up and we were able to go and wow what an amazing group of kids and adults.

They had their own program ready for us to just fit in to their program.

What a blessing they were to us.

It was our last one and it was a great way to end out last VBS here.

Having our last supper here going to get things packed up to get ready for our flight for tomorrow morning.

May God bless you all beyond your mind can imagine.


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