Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Peggy-Guest Post

Hi all!

 This morning for breakfast we had fine cornmeal, scrabbled eggs, fresh cut coconut and banana bread.

Today was the first time having the fine cornmeal.

 It was pretty good, kinda has a Cream of Wheat texture.

After breakfast Mike made step stools for the hospital beds.

Scot worked on the truck and generators.

Angela, Cathy and I finished painting the hospital room.

There was an elderly lady that just brought joy to me, she made my insides smile :)

She was trying to pick up the hospital beds and i was arguing (playfully) with her on doing it.

After the hospital room we went to the school cafeteria and painted.

We had quite an audience of children while painting there.

Lunch was rice and beans, coleslaw, fresh tomatoes, and fresh made coconut candy!

I have to say the coconut candy and the peanut pie are two of my favorite desserts so far!!

 Today we traveled up the mountain to a church built some colonial ruins to do VBS!

We did Noah’s Ark for the lessons.

There was probably over 200 kids there listening to us give the word of God!

Every time I see the kids listening so intensely at our lessons it reminds me of why I come to Haiti!

When I hear the children singing the praises of God it reminds me that God is Good no matter where you are in the world!

We are ending the day with chicken soup, rice, and a few leftovers.

 The days are getting closer to leaving.

 My heart is so torn. I miss my boys and family back home.

But will be such a sadness leaving the Thede’s, my new family here and leaving these precious children.

God Bless You and Have a Good Night
 :) Peggy J, Peace and Love

Game night

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