Monday, March 9, 2015

Team's First Haiti Monday

Last week Monday the team continued their road trip which started about 5 p.m. in Warsaw, IN heading to Fort Pierce to catch Tuesday's MFI flight to Cap Haitian.

This morning after breakfast, Anna took Mike and Scot on a walk up by the old cell-tower site and around the ridge. The women stayed on campus cleaning up the guest house, and hanging laundry. 

After the walk the guys worked on the campus power lines. Cathy did a bit of sewing. The gals cleaned and painted a patient room.
Eli, Anna, Peggy, Angela, and I stopped in to pray with Mme. Rosemary who's in the hospital with an IV. She reported feeling a little better. 

A vender brought some items to show the team.

After lunch the team visited the Alpha, adult literacy group and then on to Limbee for Kid's Club.

Angela taking over now.....

Peggy & I, Angela, went to the hospital and cleaned the walls then painted. Got 1 room painted but both cleaned. 

Shew that was a hot job but such a blessing to be able to do that for them. 

We had many watchers to make sure we were doing it right. 

They are such great people here.

 Just simply amazing to be able to help out.

 Here is some of the vendor's items that we were able to purchase to bring home. Yes, I bought some for some of my family & friend.

 Here we are getting ready for VBS and Mike was being Mose's while we are doing the 10 commandments. Had a great turn out from the kids. They enjoyed the puppet show.

Cathy was sewing things. She does a great job on all the items that need sewed here for them.
Well this is Angela Himes and this is my 1st year coming and such a blessing to be here and help out.  This had been such a great experience for me as I am learning a lot from everyone!! 

May you all have a blessed evening.
In love and prayers
Angela Himes

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