Sunday, March 8, 2015

Team Sunday. Visit to Pisgah Wesleyan Church

 Sunday:  Today we had a time change and had mixed reports whether we (Haiti) would actually change.
 They did and we were late for church.  

[Not really as they were just starting announcements when we pulled in and we made it to church following the children's church part in time for praise and offering. Kris]

We went to a remote area across the river and over quite rocky roads to get there.  

We did our puppet presentation of Daniel & the lions den, for children’s church. 

There were approx. 200 children squeezed into the room.  

After presenting the puppet skit, we all went in adult church where they had chairs set up for us in the center isle.  

We were called up front to be introduced by Dr. Kris.  

Anna, Dr. Kris, and Cory translated the service for each of us. 

They did play a couple of songs in English.  

The church was overflowing with people and it was a very good service.  

Then back over the rocky roads and through the river.

Breakfast was, hard boiled eggs, casava bread, oatmeal and Haitian hot chocolate.

Lunch was rice and chicken casserole, banana bread, etc. with peanut pie for desert. 

Supper will be chicken pot pie, rice with red sauce, tomatoes,  etc.  

Everything has been very good so far.
 Lots of jams, sauces, breads and Haitian peanut butter.

Right now there are Haitian ladies singing in the gazebo, it is beautiful!

This afternoon some of the Team went to Kids Club, about 200 kids. 

 Lots of energy!  All had a great time.

The weather has been great.  The Lord has been blessing our VBS.

 Each time we have had more kids.  We usually do one puppet skit at two different places. 

 Each time we hand out scriptures to the kids and of course stickers to the kids. 

The youth pastor goes over the lesson several times and they repeat the scriptures a lot.  

We also have fun singing action songs (Father Abraham, Head & Shoulders Knees & Toes) And other songs they know.

Praise the Lord for He is Good to US!
(written tonight by Cathy Bentley)

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