Saturday, March 7, 2015

Beach and volleyball.

Volleyball Day. Anna did not go to the beach, but the team, Cory and I did.

Fauche sent 10 teams, different ages, boys and girls.

They walked down to Port Margot but Anna squeezed into a truck with some of the younger kids because she had been given the paperwork to deliver.

She's not sure how many teams from other towns came for the matches.

Anna ended up playing on 2 levels [along with 4 other of her team] because the older girls team lacked payers.

She signed with the other gals who were to play for 2 age levels.

When they went to play on the younger team one of the officials called Anna out, thinking she had changed teams in the same age bracket.
Trying to get a ride. 
 She does stick out a bit being the only pale foreigner.

Both her teams won.

 We heard from the folks in charge she did very well but we arrived 10 seconds after her last game ended.

We watched a few of the games hoping that she would play again.

 But as the sun sank below the mountains the team that the gals were to play left heading for home.

Most of the older Fauche teams won their matches.

Eli did some cleaning while we enjoyed the beach.

 Most of the time we had the beach to ourselves.

Smallish waves.

Cold water getting in but one adjusted in time until the wind started to pick up.

[Had our old camera along but it no longer works...sorry]

We stopped by the volleyball games but Anna hadn't played at that point.

So we returned home for lunch and naps.

Lunch: white rice with either black bean sauce or red sauce and fried chicken.

Konsey health book seen shading the eyes.
Providing entertainment while we people watch!
Supper leftover creamed chicken on fresh Haitian bread, pizza, chaya and Coconut cream pie.

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