Friday, March 6, 2015

Pancot Baptist with the team

After breakfast some of the team followed Cory around on a garden tour. Some of us did school work, or cleaning.

A little mechanical work on the clinic generator-bad bearing and dirty carburetor, no oil so a list of needed parts made.

Scott also put new parts [battery terminal, radiator cap], into the ambulance, and bled the brakes. Our truck needs a new belt.

Lunch, since it is Friday, consisted of pizza.

This afternoon the team, Cory and Eli headed to Port Margot.

Arriving at Pancot Baptist church they found only about 20 children were waiting but by the end they topped more than 100.

Today’s puppet story consisted of Daniel in the Lion’s Den.

Started with singing. The puppet play followed as always with the leader reviewing the story to make sure the children understood it.

After a few more songs the team preformed..head n shoulders, knees and toes.

Due to the increased crowd they repeated the puppet show and reviewed the verse.

Stickers with the good-byes. Anna did not attend today as she joined the volleyball team to practice up for tomorrow’s game at Port Margot.

Supper will be beef pot pie and coleslaw with coconut custard pie.

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