Thursday, March 5, 2015

Team Day Two....

Day Two.

Another nice day with no rain, nice breeze and sunshine. Like yesterday most of us returned to the depo (storage room) to finish sorting the medical supplies.

The Haitian nurses started to sort and store the items we left for them to check over.

We completed this dirty job thankfully before lunch.

Other’s did a bit of sewing, worked on the Bible school props, did office work, and school!

Cory heard in the morning that the Konsey II books cleared customs and arranged for the big truck to pick-up and deliver most of the books to Fauche [some stayed in Cap Haitian for the churches there]

Lunch consisted of fresh, warm out of the oven banana bread and creamed chicken on toast or rice. Tonight we will enjoy left-overs. 
Eli [doing library] and I [books] remained behind this afternoon while the team headed down the river to Ti Bouk, for Pastor Emmanuel’s church for Kid’s club. With 5 team members, 2 Thedes, 2 Haitian leaders and puppets the truck filled up rapidly. 

Report on Kid’s Club.

Close to 100 children. Some special music, and were taught Father Abraham.

Same story as before-note Goliath in defeat. 

The team arrived back to campus right after the truck with 13,558 books arrived.

 A chain quickly formed to transport the books from the truck into the old medical storage room.
Each box contained 36 books and weighed 30 pounds. 

Only a few boxes fell apart during the move. I gave away my first copy to brother Yvon who’s picture graces the front cover. 

Will see how high the puppeteers can raise their arms tomorrow after this afternoon’s arm workout. 

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