Sunday, March 22, 2015

Last Clinic a Grande Rivere

Today no clinics and no bumpy ride to another town as we will all stay in Cap Haitian this morning to attend church.

We will be splitting from the team to visit Cite Chauvel Wesleyan. We will return to the hotel for lunch with the team and then head home.

Tomorrow the team will hold clinic at Madeline before returning to the USA on Tuesday's MFI plane.

Yesterday felt longer and communications and thinking felt harder for me and some of the team.

Don't know if the forth day of travel wore us down or what but I stuggled with  frustration  with several patients.

I know they were also frustrated with me as my diagnosis did not match what they throught they had therefore they did not receive the medications that they wanted.

With mobile clinics one needs to focus on education. Giving advice that can improve lives otherwise the few days of medications will hardly make a different before they return to the same suffering as before.

A few cases were simple enough to treat and they will heal but most cases need some lifestyle modification to make a difference.

Thankfully the Lord gave us several dear older people who were very appreciative of the care and very cute children to smile and brighten our day.

Konsey books sold well. Many people need to see the dentist and reduce the sugar, pop and candy in their diets.

Thanks for the prayers.

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