Saturday, March 21, 2015

Grande Rivere

Good day yesterday. I think that each day most of us look less forward to the bumpy trip but continue to enjoy the beauty of Haiti and the people.

Saw over 50 yesterday. General items like sore/itchy eyes, muscle and joint pain, no appetite, a few infections, lots of cateracts, stomache pain....

A few uniquie ones like: 'I feel empty when I walk'. A young girl with very limited eye movement. A gentalman with a leg wound, 5 months following a motor cycle burn.

I spoke to the group at the beginning and then Cory followed. By the end of the day I started to see patients who bought one or both of the Konsey books. Very encouraging.

Cory actually sold out of the Konesy II books [had brought fewer with us] so he and Anna went to the warehouse in Cap Haitian where some are stored and picked up a new box.
Same location today. Church visit and plan to head home tomorrow.

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