Monday, March 23, 2015

Back Home

Now for a couple of weeks of 'normal' routine'.......unless the long-awaited adoption referral came which would likely mean a fast trip to Port-au-Prince to the Embassy.

Our school year continues to feel very chopped up and piece-meal but by today's count, only 30 school days remain in our year. If the two-week bonding trip occurs before we leave mid-June for the USA, we will have just enough time to finish up school.

After a week of driving and translating Cory's looking forward to garden / planting time.

After teams, we collect the clothes they leave behind and give them to different pastors, churches or the clinic to share. I sent down a few medical supplies as well as towels and sheets to the clinic as well.

Spring cleaning time right! Working our way through Eli's stuff so that he can send some items back out with Aunt Lori in April after their visit.

We enjoyed visiting Cite Chauvel and seeing the progress on the church yesterday.

Today: school, office, Cory did a garden visit, two loads of laundry, a bit of cleaning and cooking.  

Cory also spent way to much time dealing with a mother goat and her babies that were found eating in the garden by the clinic near newly planted peach palms. The same family's goats caused damage several times in the past (and much damage to neighborhood gardens) so they have been warned many times. After much discussion they paid the fee Cory required but one of the baby goats apparently escaped form the shed they were locked in. The owners wanted payment for the baby goat but the sun had set so the local official was called and he said to look for it in the morning.

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