Friday, March 20, 2015

Day Two

We headed
out a bit earlier on Thursday for our return trip to Dondon. The second truck headed out a bit later as they needed to pick up a few more supplies and one translator.

I spoke to the waiting group while things were set up and then Cory did the same.

We saw close to 100 folks over the 2 days. The biggest goal remains to educate about good health practices or simple home remidies to improve their lives while identifiying and treating some simple health issues.

Cory met with a driver who came to pick up 10 Konsey books and 8 Konsey II books to deliver about 1/2 hour away. Due to a generous gift every organization that MFI works with received a couple Konsey II books, as did the missionaries working with Agape flights.

An additional 40 Konsey II and one Konsey remained with the pastor at Dondon to be picked up later to head to another mission.

Today we head to a different town, Grand Rivier. Same plan for today and tomorrow.

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