Thursday, March 19, 2015

Dondon clinic.

Tuesday afternoon we packed up the truck and headed to Cap Haitian to meet up with the Holy Cross Lutheran team.

This will be the third time we join the team from Ohio since we returned to Haiti in September 2013, but this time we will be focused on a couple of towns to the South.

Yesterday morning after a beautiful sunrise over the sea and a tasty breakfast of omletes we waited a bit for Pastor who unfortanaly experienced car trouble.

After a late start we headed out with our truck and his to Dondon, about 1.5 hours away.

Once we arrived I spoke to the waiting people while the rest of the team set up stations in the small church.

We ended up with one location for check-in and vital signs [Eli]. Three locations for seeing patients, (one for me) and Cory translated for one of the nurses. The last location consisted of the pharmacy area where Anna helped out.

Cory also spoke about nutrition to the waiting folks and a few impressed folks bought a total of 6 of the Konsey books.

Did not hear a final count but think it was close to 60 patients seen.

Today we return to the same location.

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