Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Konsey II Testimony

Yesterday afternoon after I'd just finished exercising a couple of people came to the door asking for Cory. Eli informed the folks that Cory happened to be out at the time, and they asked for me.

I stepped outside to talk to a man I did not recognize. Gerda, who'd brought the man to the house already left by the time I found my shoes and made it outside.

The man, Igliel I later learned, held a Konsey book in his hand and proceeded to tell me that he'd read both the  Konsey books and found information about a problem of his.

Igliel suffers from two medical problems he wished to discuss with me and to find out if any natural remedies could help him.

More than seven years previously, his thyroid gland swelled up and remained large for five years or so and then improved. Unfortunately, it returned a couple of years ago. The doctors told him he needed surgery, but four blood donors would need to be identified prior. His family wished for him to wait for surgery until he could travel to the USA.

He opened the Konsey book to the page that talked about goiters to ask for additional information. I explained that lack of iodine can cause a goiter but there remained other causes of an enlarged thyroid as well, and laboratory testing, available in  Cap Haitian or Port-au-Prince, could help with the diagnosis.

I showed him our salt so that he could know the English word for iodine and what to look for if he wanted ionized salt.

His second problem turned out more serious. A couple of years ago following a head injury/severe pain, he started to leak a clear liquid from his nose. Three brain scans and I assume further testing show the liquid to be cerebral-spinal fluid. Would a natural remedy help?

Wow! The only thing I think that natural remedies or good nutrition could do would be to help his immune system remain strong to fight any infections that could occur.

I explained [and later confirmed on-line] that the treatment for this type of problem I though, would be a patch of some type, not a medication.

I shared with him an aloe plant and gave him his own copy of Konsey II.

Where did you find the Konsey II book I asked? A friend received one of the books sent to the Pisgah church across the river last week. He enthusiastically spoke of the importance and value of the books.

I asked him if he could help by sharing with others in his family and community about the books. Certainly! Before he left Eli, Cory and I prayed for his health and for the Lord's healing and protection. He already trusts in the Lord.

Please join us in pray for Igliel and for the distribution and impact of the Konsey books.

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Linda Page said...

So glad to hear this report and so happy to hear how God works through various tools and people. Keep on keeping on!