Thursday, January 22, 2015

Thursday Update. Folks home.

The school day clock ticked rapidly toward the finish line with Eli now at his library and Anna  out to play some volleyball.

Cory sent out the e-mail newsletters today between garden time. [Let me know if you would like to receive one]

To make sure the newsletter could be read he asked Eli to check his e-mails. We continue to remind Eli to check his e-mail at least once a he tries to check on Mondays.

Checking today came with the unexpected blessing of finding an e-mail sent by Calvin's Engineering Department about some scholarships. To get his application in on time it will need to be in Tuesday's mail very thankful he did not read it on Monday.

Eli worked on the essay this afternoon and we've already revised it and sent it off to a couple folks for additional editing.

Just received a e-mail from the folks  letting us know they arrived home OK.

One more load of laundry will finish washing their clothes and then Cory will put their tub away until their next visit.

We reviewed and organized a tub containing two years of school curriculum that we lent another missionary family a few years ago and Cory picked up during his trip to Cap yesterday.

Very thankful for the education Eli and Anna could get at home and in rural Haiti through Sonlight.

Tomorrow Judan in Port-au-Prince hopes to pick up our new license plates for the truck and sent them by bus to us on Saturday.

Praying it happens.

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