Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Yesterday was a day when Larry helped Cory plant peach palms and Anna and I tried to get a bit ahead in school work.  Then checking what we still need to back. settling our accounts.  Kris and I also worked on a new project..Kris is making a rag rug out of old worn sheets and clothing.

Invention is a wonderful thing on the mission field.

Today we are packed and now waiting for our time to leave.  We have only about an hour left here.  Today my thoughts are full of flight schedules, waiting times, going through the airport in Cap.  But there are also other thoughts tugging in the corners of my mine.

  How does one take say good-bye well?  It is an issue that every missionary faces time and time again.  I think of Eli going to LaGonave in February, to say good-bye to an important place of his childhood.  I think of our saying good-bye to Haitian friends, who pray for us and wish for our our return.

 I think of the many good-byes in one's life.  I remember saying good bye to a dear friend who had terminal cancer.  We had had a good visit, we did plan to see each other again...but as we said good-bye, she said, "If I don't see you again here, I will see you HOME!

I didn't get to say another earthly good-bye but know there is coming a wonderful heavenly Hello.  A song, "Ten Thousand Reasons Why" has been singing in my head..talking about our souls blessing the Lord and worshiping God..from the morning to evening, always.

I feel that this morning, among the good-byes.  "If I see you again,  I will see you HOME!"

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