Saturday, January 24, 2015

Goal progress!

Celebrating today that one [two] of our Dec. 10th goals was [were] finally completed [advanced] today.

 Goal # 1. The truck plates picked up yesterday, put on a bus heading north and Jean Pierre went to pick them up in Limbèe this afternoon.

Unfortunately when he arrived he did not find them. They were sent on to Cap Haitian.

 Cory plans to head to Cap on Monday to deliver some breadfruit trees for a photo shoot and so will plan to stop in and pick up the plates at that time.

He hopes to connect with Pastor Bernard and set up the teaching session with the school cooks at Madeline about moringa and chaya.

Eli corrected and polished up an essay for an engineering scholarship and I worked on the recommendation part.

A wonderful surprise occurred during my instant-message time with my folks this morning.

 An e-mail came in from the US immigration officer letting us know that he’d put in the request to refresh our fingerprints for our adoption visa! Goal # 2.

With great thanksgiving I checked off contacting him from next week’s to-do list. I never expected to hear on a Saturday! The prints expired yesterday.

The third goal from Dec. 10th remains: to pick up our Haitian visas that went to Port-au-Prince for renewal in Oct.

We plan to pick these up when we travel to LaGonave in early February.  Goal # 3.

I spent much of the morning reviewing our years of photos to find the ones I would like to put into a photo book for Eli when he graduates.

Nothing like looking at photos to stir up vivid memories and praises to the Lord, Who’s done so much for us over the last 17 years!

 Pictures. 'Pruning' the mango tree yesterday. One of the many air-plants on campus.]

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