Saturday, January 17, 2015


Another sunny, although a bit cooler day greeted us this morning.  After enjoying Cory's Saturday morning pancakes..we discussed what was on the schedule for today.  Saturday usually is a day that Cory and Kris reserve for time with Eli and Anna. (That is in the afternoon after the weekly cleaning and chores are finished).

But with us here, things change up a little.  This morning, Larry cleaned up the shop and I helped with breakfast dishes and hanging out the wash.  Cory was printing newsletters during this time, and so when he had completed the printing of 340 copies, we had a new job.

[Cory did take time out for a needed hair cut.]

Kris, Larry and I folded, stuffed, sealed and stamped the printed envelopes.  I always am so thankful for the internet at this point..about 800 email copies of the newsletter are sent out with the push of a button.

We took a few hours to prepare the others.  I wonder if most people realize what a time consuming process this is for the average missionary.  First composing the newsletter, putting it in the proper format, printing and then getting them ready to send.

This process repeats itself every 3-4 months and in between there are always thank-you's to be written and other email updates.  While I know it is important for support teams to be aware of what is currently going on in the lives of their missionaries, I wonder how many of us pray specifically for these activities.

I always think that one of the tremendous advantages of a trip to a mission field is being able to pray more for some of the details, demands of a missionary life.  Witnessing how difficult it is to do something we consider simple at home--like the buying of new license plates for the truck.

Cory began this process in December and still has no new plates.  Because the process requires the turning in of the old plates, the truck now sits in the yard..not able to be used legally.  Pray that the plates come soon!

Or take the matter of cashing a check.  Recently a relative sent a check directly to Kris and Cory.  Because there was a wrong date on the check, the check was refused; the sender contacted and a new check sent.  Back to the bank, where the check was first accepted, stamped and a day later refused because it was written to both Kris and now the sender will have to be notified again!

Then when a check is accepted, it takes 9 business days before it is posted to one's account. [A 20 minute wait in line to see the teller is "fast", an hour is not rare. Most businesses in North Haiti don't accept checks or credit cards].  Pray for patience for your missionaries.  These are just a couple of examples, everything seems to take more time and effort.


THANKS for the help, Mom and Dad!! Remember if you would like to receive our e-mail updates or newsletters please just let us know.

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