Friday, January 16, 2015

Another day....Mom.

Today I again helped Anna with school in the morning...we had a good morning and I really enjoy spending the time with our granddaughter.  We share moments of reading and interesting book, just finishing My Heart Lies South.

This books was an interesting look at life in Mexico from the perspective of a young American bride who had just become a part of a Mexican family.

The differences in culture, often lead Anna and I into interesting discussions of the differences between Haiti and the USA.

Another time I especially enjoy is sharing in Anna and Eli’s devotional Bible time.  Larry spent the morning finishing his last screen and transplanting Aloe. They planted 30-40 plants from 5 mother plants.

[Kris: shocked to find that a couple of our staff do NOT grow aloe plants in their yards! Both went home with a plant today]

In the afternoon, after pizza for lunch, enjoyment was not a word high on my list.  Larry had brought in a new kitchen faust to replace the old one that was leaking.

Trying to screw and unscrew plumbing fittings resulted in both Cory and Larry working on the project and Anna offering advice.

A small project took more than twice the time it normally would have, but in the end the men had success.  Enjoyment was not how they would describe the experience.  I was working on a sewing project.

Now, anyone who knows me well, knows that I am “sewing impaired.”  Sewing has NEVER been my gift.  My daughter knows this full well.

Yet, on this trip, it seemed there were sewing projects.  My sewing gifted sister left me with a couple of unfinished curtain projects..I did complete them with much gnashing of teeth. [Character building Mom!!]

 THEN, my daughter asked for a covering for the back of her rocking chair.  Nothing easy here...a covering of a masonite board cut to enforce the back in the shape of rectangular oval.  Finished it and then it was decided that one needed a pillow on the back to be comfy.

Check!  Then the pillow would flop over when a person got out of the chair...needed ties to hold it in place..again Check!  THEN this afternoon, my beloved daughter who I had birthed in much agony..decided that her slipcovers of the couch, chair and love-seat needed to have holes fixed.

Once off the furniture, the covers became a confusing mass of material with seams converging in three corner was a nightmare.
FINALLY FINISHED, the sewing machine is put away and I am recovering.

People often ask what we do here.  I smile, because it is always something different and sometimes a challenge.  Guess for us, the fact that the God Lord sent us here and a willingness to do even unlikable jobs is all part of the experience.  I know He blesses our efforts and stretches us in the process.  Another day in Haiti

[One of the biggest challenges when my folks visit for a month is keeping them busy....and healthy!]

Thankful for them doing odd jobs for me, Cory gets more garden time, they get to keep busy and work on their flexibility skills and everyone is happy, happy, happy.

This afternoon Cory joined the folks in tackling frustrating jobs. Our next newsletter moved from editing stage to printing today and getting the computer to talk to the printer took some time.

Plan to keep the folks busy a bit with stuffing and preparing envelopes!

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