Monday, January 19, 2015

Mom's second to last day post.

Today was one of those “doing things” we will miss when we go back home and it was also a day that we continue to make plans for when Cory, Kris and the kids come back to the states next June.  It is just easier for something to discuss face to face, rather than via email or even IMing.

One of the things that Larry always misses when we are back home is the rice and beans dish that is so common here.  I have tried and can never really get the taste right…so Larry’s request was for his favorite Haitian dish.  This noon we had rice with red beans with a chicken/vegetable sauce.  All of us once again enjoyed the meal.  Tonight Eli will be making tomato soup, one of my favorites.

We plan/discuss things such as an open house/graduation party..a combination of a meet/greet for the Thedes and a graduation party for Eli.  Whens and wheres, food choices, etc…lots of details were discussed.  I also took some more photos of Eli trying for a good one for his graduation pictures.  We do have some good ones, we think, and will now have to decide which ones will be our first choices.  I also in the past days, took some new ones of Anna…she is rapidly becoming a young lady and some of the family for a potential prayer card photo.  Again, it is always something new or different that one may be called upon to do on the the mission field.

Larry helped transplant some starfruit this morning..about 100 and then help move one of the table saws to a new location for storage.  We are so thankful for the changes we see here that have been made in the last 8 years, including a tool depot with many, many useful items.  Other changes have been the guest unit, new roofs for various buildings, screen repairs, rooms painted and many benches built, as well as other furniture.  It is a blessing just to be able to reflect back and see how the Lord has provided.

When the days grow short for our stay, I always feel the pull of both our lives in the states and being here.

 I am sure what I feel is a far cry from how the Thede’s feel, especially the children.  We will miss seeing our children and grandchildren here…but will be glad to be back in our own home and lives.  Pulled in two different directions and there is always some sadness in leaving, but joy in getting home.

When we leave, we never know if the Lord will bless us with another opportunity to come back…and so, in some ways, when we say our goodbyes here we know they made be final.
But I am so glad, that I know that many of the people we know, have known in this wonderful place..we will see again!

Kris: no word on our truck plates or referral. Newsletters ready to go out in the mail tomorrow. Continue to enjoy our family time.

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